12th April 2017

Ben Dustan of Tarn Farm Vets

At the first farm we visited, Ben examined cattle to see if they were pregnant, and used the same ultrasound technology with which expectant mothers are familiar. ...
21st January 2017
Janett Walker & Sophie Newton - Make it happen

Good News Makes Things Happen

19th September 2016

From Mussels to Muscles

12th August 2016
Glenn Bailey - Woofdog Design

Glenn Bailey of Woofdog Graphic Design

19th May 2016

South Tynedale Railway’s General Manager, Heather Palmer

Despite today’s fast moving world – computer games, aircraft and space travel – boys (and girls) of a certain age, from nine to 99, would jump at the chance to drive a steam or diesel train. Even if driving is not an option, the chance to stand on the footplate whilst the loco is in the station or to look out of a carriage window as the train steams across open moorland can be a dream that comes true on the South Tynedale Railway at Alston. I expected to meet Heather Palmer in her office, but instead she greeted […]