19th March 2017
Penrith Today 18 April edition
12th April 2017
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17th February 2017


Accusations of ‘false news’ are echoing around the hills. From President Trump, who disregards reports that differ from his view of the world, to social media that stands accused of promoting ‘stories’ that are demonstrably wrong.

Whist Penrith Today strives for accuracy, on 1 April it is all too easy for a misleading article to slip through the Editor’s fingers. Even the most green of readers might spot a tall story in this edition!

There has been a great response to our first Cicerone competition.  Each month readers can enter online to win a Cicerone guide of their choice (page 25).

Get your teeth into another prize draw. This month we are helping to promote a hamper full of delicious speciality foods and confectionary, produced by talented teams in the Eden Valley, in support of English Tourism Week (page 19).

Penrith is lucky to have a Council chairman and Mayor who makes a point of listening to the views of residents. Join the queue at Starfruits to find out more (page 6).

Cumbria Oak has some magic carpets on offer (page 10). Leaf through our pages to find out about Summerfield Books – one of the country’s best sources of books on natural history (page23). Sticking with books, our reviews cover subjects as wide apart as a chilling experience in northern Sweden and a young couple seeking refuge in the Eden Valley.  Have a good read!

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