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016 February

17th February 2017
19th March 2017
Penrith Today edition 015
015 December
12th December 2016


In January, the curtain lifted on a very different and unpredictable world stage: Brexit, Trump, Putin …. the list of uncertainties is unprecedented in recent decades. Like it or not, these will impact on Penrith and the Eden Valley.

Some effects should be positive. Overseas visitors are finding the cost of UK holidays more attractive and our own nationals are taking more holidays in this country. If our government ‘makes the right noises’, this might help to attract inward investment and promote exports

Penrith is a destination at the end of a rainbow as it goes purple and orange and, sometimes, even yellow!

That there is good news is undoubtedly the case. Our expanded book section is testament the literary talent in Cumbria. Take a look at our new monthly book-related competition, very kindly sponsored by Cicerone Press.

On the business front Sophia ‘The Good News Girl’ Newton and Janett ‘Make it Happen’ Walker  demonstrate how a positive ‘spin’ works – they can even make your tax return look exciting!

A hardy team from Brewin Dolphin came in from the cold with an impressive £1,320 for The Big Sleep 2017 fundraiser challenge.

Congratulations to Jane Holme at Newton Reigny, who won our Australian Christmas wine.

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