Advertising FAQ

Advertising Ideas
Penrith Today can create attractive solutions, promotions, sponsored pages, features and much more to advertise your brand. We are full of bright ideas to create impact and to help you communicate your business efficiently and creatively. If you’re a first-time advertiser with us and aren’t sure how it all this works, you should find all the answers you need below…

What are Display Adverts?
Display advertising is best suited if you have a product or service to sell and you wish to raise awareness or increase sales immediately. They appear within the news and editorial sections throughout the newspaper and so there may be a mixture of unrelated articles or advertisements on these pages. We do, however, link editorial themes to advertising where this is possible. For example, hotels and restaurants in the vicinity of articles on food and drink, and music events close to our arts section.

What is a Classified Advert?
A classified advertisement is one that has been designed to appear under a specific heading. You should place an advertisement in this section if you want your business to appear in a categorised section with other similar adverts. In Penrith Today Classified Adverts are placed together in towards the back of the publication. This section particularly suits small businesses, trades and self-employed specialists and is used bt readers as a ready reference to local services.

What Sizes are available?
Penrith Today is A4 size, measuring 297mm high and 210mm wide (11.69 x 8.27 inches). The printed area on each page is divided into eight sections and sold as 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or Full Page.

The classified section, located at the back of Penrith Today, is divided into four columns. These are sold, in the case of lineage advertisements, by the word or line, and in the case of “box-shaped” advertisements as single or double boxes. A single box measures 47mm x 47mm and a double box measures 47mm wide x 90mm high.

Are there any premium rate positions that attract more attention?
Penrith Today benefits from a wide range of well-written articles. Readers will see display advertisements as they browse through the content or will turn to the classified section to find a particular category.

In addition, we offer three premium positions. When the magazine arrives on a doormat, delivered by Royal Mail, either the front cover or back page will be seen immediately. Both of these positions have the highest visibility to readers.

At the foot of the front cover there is space for a banner advertisement, measuring 210mm wide x 40mm high, and we accept full-page advertisements on the back page, measuring 285mm x 195mm (or edge-to-edge).

Another popular and effective position is to advertise inside the front cover, so that the advertisement is seen when the newspaper is opened. This position is available for full-page advertisements.

What works well?
We have found that out of season discounts to attract local people to restaurants or to use services can be attractive. For example, printing coupons or advertisements that can be clipped from the paper and presented by the reader. First-time user discounts can also be attractive to readers. This is your opportunity to impress and generate repeat business!

What are your advertising rates?
Classified adverts cost from 30p a word and display adverts cost from £45.

Please note, in the case of lineage entries in the classified section a telephone number counts as two words and an email address as three words.

This link will take you to our rate card.

VAT needs to be added to our advertised rates, except by charities, for which there is a VAT exemption.

Full details are available by calling us on 01768 868808.

Do you offer special rates for consecutive bookings?
We certainly do!

All new advertisers can benefit from a 3-for-2 deal (advertisements need not be placed in consecutive editions of Penrith Today).

In addition, we offer 6-for-5 and 12-for-10 deals for businesses that purchase repeat advertising. If you are building your brand, want guaranteed advertising space in Penrith Today, or would like continuous visibility, these are the ones to use!

What are your deadlines?
These are found here.

If you require an advert to be made for you, please submit draft content to Penrith Today a minimum of ten days before the advertised deadline.

What happens if I cancel an advertisement?
If Penrith Today has gone to print then you will be charged the full cost of the advertisement. If Penrith Today has prepared an advertisement and this is cancelled prior to going to print, then you will be charged a reasonable proportion of the costs incurred by Penrith Today.